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Asset-backed Investments

Asset-backed Investments

In the ever-evolving world of investments, asset-backed options stand out as a popular choice for many seeking a tangible foundation for their portfolio.

These investments, tied directly to physical assets, offer a sense of security that’s often craved in the unpredictable landscape of the financial market. They represent a blend of stability and growth potential, which makes them an attractive investment class for many clients.

Our Asset-backed Investments Expertise


Gilts, or ‘government bonds’, are essentially loans to the government with the promise of a fixed rate of a return over a specified period. They can play a critical role in a diversified investment strategy, and we can help you to integrate them into your financial plan.


Bonds represent a loan from the investor to the issuer, and are a fundamental element of a well-structured investment portfolio. By helping you to understand the risk and duration associated with each bond, we provide a tailored approach to your investment journey.

Investment Bonds

As a single premium life insurance policy, investment bonds offer you the chance to invest a lump sum into a range of professionally managed funds with prospects for medium to long-term growth.

Navigate the Market with Foresight

Premium Bonds

Investing in premium bonds means entering a government-backed lottery each month, where your savings can earn you potential tax-free prize winnings in place of standard interest returns.

National Savings Certificates

These government-backed savings products offer you a risk-free method to grow your investments. Exempt from UK Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax, they are an attractive option for savers looking to maximise their tax savings.


At Haven, we understand that stepping into the equity market is an exciting opportunity to grow your wealth and potentially earn dividends, but it also involves a certain level of risk. Together, we can navigate your options thoughtfully and make the best choice for your circumstances.


Shares in companies not only offer a slice of potential future profits but also the excitement of participating in their growth. With the guidance of our expert team, you can manage the associated risks and formulate a strategy that’s cut to your financial cloth.

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