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Whole of Life Assurance (WOL)

Whole of Life Assurance (WOL)

Whole of Life Assurance (WOL) offers lifelong protection and provides a payout in the event of your passing, regardless of when it occurs. This policy often includes an investment element, helping cover the cost of the insurance over time. While it may have slightly higher premiums than term assurance, it typically builds a surrender value, offering additional financial flexibility.

Our Whole of Life Assurance Expertise

WOL with Investment Contents

This WOL policy not only offers the lifelong protection you seek but also comes enriched with distinct investment elements. This dual approach ensures not only peace of mind for your loved ones but also a proactive contribution to your wealth journey.

Qualifying and Non-Qualifying

Qualifying WOL policies adhere to certain tax rules and can offer tax advantages on the policy's gains. Conversely, non-qualifying policies may provide greater flexibility in terms of premium payments and policy adjustments. Our friendly experts are here to guide you through these complexities and make an informed decision on a policy that suits you.

Peace of Mind for a Lifetime

Lifelong Assurance

With Whole of Life Assurance, you’re guaranteed protection throughout your lifetime. No matter when life’s final curtain call arrives, your loved ones are assured a payout, providing them with a safety net during the most trying times.

Built-In Flexibility

One standout feature of this policy is the surrender value it accrues. This means that beyond just security, it grants you added financial flexibility, accommodating life’s unpredictable twists and turns.

Comparative Premiums

While the premiums for our Whole of Life Assurance might be slightly elevated compared to term assurances, it’s an investment in peace of mind and longevity, securing your family’s future in every possible scenario.

What Affects My Policy?

As long as you can maintain the premiums, your family will get a payout when you die. This policy never expires, so you and your loved ones won’t have to worry about their future financial burdens once it is in place.

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