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Income Drawdown

Income Drawdown

Income Drawdown presents a flexible alternative to traditional annuities, offering greater control over your retirement income.

This option is best suited for individuals comfortable with investment risk and possessing substantial pension funds. While it provides flexibility, there are no guarantees that income levels will surpass those offered by annuities.

Our Income Drawdown Expertise

Flexible Access Drawdown

Withdraw from your pension pot as and when you need it - including income or lump sums - to suit your retirement plans. At Haven, we believe you should have full control over your financial journey, and this policy gives you just that.

Dependents FAD

Give your dependents the flexibility to control their financial future. This policy gives them the autonomy to access funds from your pension pot at their discernment in the event of your absence.


With Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS), you can directly take a lump sum from your untouched pension pot. Some of this is tax-free, while the rest is taxed as income.

Dynamic Coverage Tailored to You

Crystallised Pensions

Once you start drawing an income from your pension pot or take a tax-free lump sum, that portion of your pension becomes ‘crystallised’, opening it up to tax rules and regulations.

Uncrystallised Pensions

Portions of your pension pot you haven’t accessed are ‘uncrystallised’. This means they will continue to benefit from potential investment growth, free from any immediate tax implications, until accessed.

Annual Allowance

Your annual allowance is a crucial milestone. It signifies the maximum amount you can contribute to your pension pot each year while still receiving tax relief. Haven is here to help you navigate the nuances to maximise your contributions without incurring unexpected tax charges.

Lifetime Allowance

The Lifetime Allowance represents the ceiling for how much you can amass in your pension pots over a lifetime without triggering extra tax charges. Our friendly experts will provide tailored guidance to ensure you’re fully informed and prepared.

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